Alexa Can Do and Say It ALL!

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Alexa Do My Dishes, Alexa Pour Me Wine, Alexa Feed the Kids, Alexa Do the Laundry, Who the heck is Alexa and how do I really get one?

Well, you may never snap your fingers and get it all, but you can snap your towel and have Alexa at your fingertips!

Have fun with these words for Alexa, and any others that you want to customize.  How about:

Alexa, make my husband stop snoring (or insert name)

Alexa, Motivate Me!

Alexa, Break me out of Quarantine...

Whatever you're saying it will be permanently embedded on a 16" x 24", waffle patterned, microfiber towel made of a sturdy 400gsm material weight.  What does that mean?  You will never get enough of this towel.  It will clean better, dry faster, and make you laugh!  Now, that is as close to Alexa as you may ever get 😊