About Us

Thank you for visiting my store.  

You will notice there are items that are different collections available for you to shop.  When you visit "Kitchen and Bath Hand Towels, 2-Faced Pillow Cases, Pillow Covers, and Personalized Gift Boxes" you will be buying items that are handmade to order just for you.  This allows me to customize with quotes, memories, or item combinations that fit the recipient.  The gift boxes are a collection of items I make and other local small businesses that are pursuing their passion.


So, please...mix and match your purchases and shop with confidence that you will love your items.  However, if you want a personalized gift that screams character and personality, take a look at the Kitchen/Bath Hand Towels, 2-Faced Pillows Cases, and/or let me help you make a personal gift delivered right to the door.