Dishes you Dirty Bastard (colored dishes)

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WAIT! What if I told you this meeting was fate? 

You are about to meet BTE (the BEST TOWEL EVER) and it will change your life experiences!

Say goodbye to using multiple paper towels.  Now you can clean with character over and over.  Even if you don’t do it for the environment, once you use my towel, you will understand why I call them the BEST TOWELS EVER!  A towel this amazing must have a name, so I will refer to it as BTE, of course, that is short for the BEST TOWEL EVER :-) Chores like drying dishes will never be the same AND, the best part yet, you can EXPRESS YOURSELF with a permanent image that won’t peel or crack!  Gasp, right? 

What is this BTE and why in the world does it matter?

BTE is a waffle pattern, microfiber towel.  It is approximately 16” x 24” in size, weighs approximately 4.0-4.5 oz, and is 350 gsm.  The man-made material is an 80/20 mix of polyester and polyamide.

What the heck does that mean and why do I care?

The 80/20 mixture is what gives BTE the power to be the CLEANING BOSS.  The polyester does the scrubbing and cleaning and the polyamide does the absorbing.

BTE is feather-light and can hold over 7X its weight in water, which makes it a powerhouse when you are drying dishes, washing windows, or cleaning the car.

BTE is lint-free and won’t leave debris behind.  You can use BTE for wet or dry applications, it will never disappoint.

The waffle, pattern texture is the secret to the magic, along with all the other great features.  But seriously, the waffle pattern gives a natural contour that picks up household debris and countertop uglies.  Unlike BTE’s cotton cousin, you won’t push germs around the surface.  They are trapped until you shake or wash them off.

Keep BTE around for a long time with a few simple suggestions:

Machine wash regular cycle/dry on low temps; no iron necessary

Don’t wash BTE with other cotton towels when you can avoid it.  During the wash/dry cycle, the cotton can be shed.  Because BTE is a reliable mighty, might; it will trap the cotton particles and it could release them as you clean.

When BTE gets wet, wring it out!

If BTE starts to leave behind streaks, it is time to give it a wash.  The waffle pockets are full and ready for a cleaning.

 A little piece of knowledge you might never realize you were missing out on…microfiber does not bleach!  Bleach will only cause the eventual breakdown of the microfiber materials, although it happens over a long period of time, you won’t actually gain any benefits from using it.  When it gets dirty, use some traditional stain removal options.  If it ever gets too dirty for the course, it will become your new favorite cleaning rag.  When I say it is the BEST TOWEL EVER, it earned that recognition!