Hobby, Passion, Business....How a towel can bring joy and happiness

Welcome to my obsession....Personalized Expressions by Lisa is what I have come to call it.  I have always been crafty, but this one has has bitten me like a bug.  I lay in bed at night thinking about what I can do next and what other products I could introduce that would bring joy and happiness to everyone they touch.  Ugh, it is almost a sickness, but I LOVE it.  

When this started, it was because I wanted to make some cute towels.  I have a philosophy, that you have to find joy in the little things or the big things will consume you.  Believe it or not, kitchen towels bring me joy.  They make me laugh and they make others laugh.  Bitch....peas is an all time favorite, even though Facebook marketplace is convinced I am offering a prostitution service when I list my towel and they block it from their market place.  Come on, you have to admit...that makes you laugh, right??  See, this works.  We have millions of little things that touch our lives, and as ridiculous as this sounds, when I have a pesky guest ( no names *****, I am not about hurting feelings) I just look at my towel that says it all and smile because what I am actually thinking is, "Don't make me poison you."  What is even better is when that guest needs a towel....come on, laugh with me.

Okay, maybe you're not the passive aggressive type and you would just not invite that guest...it's family, what do you do??  I still have the perfect towel that will bring you a moment of serenity.  It could be a bottle of wine, a spring flower, a valentine gnome, or simply message of love, whatever makes you breathe a little deeper, smile a little brighter, or laugh out loud...it is at Personalized Expressions by Lisa.  If you have made it this far and think, Lisa, you are nuts.  Well, don't leave me yet.  My favorite feature about the towel is the absorbency.  They are amazing.  it doesn't move the moisture around the counter, it actually dries it.  Weird concept huh?  A towel should dry.  Better yet, though I don't have them posted in my shop yet, the wash clothes are softer than a babies behind!  They are soft enough to remove makeup from your face or scrub the pan and remove caked debris...they are awesome.  

If you have made it through my towel blog...we must have a connection!  If you haven't subscribed to receive my blogs...as quirky as they may be, do it!  You will find new releases, upcoming events, motivational thoughts, and maybe a random expression that will make you ponder.  Whatever it does, I hope it brings a smile to your heart!

Until next time,


- "Sometimes you will never know the VALUE of a moment, until it becomes a MEMORY" - Dr. Suess