Nothing Says Grilling on the Patio like this Grilling Gift Set

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Perfect gift idea for a summer treat to a special friend.  Customize this option by replacing the towel to be personal for the recipient.  Replace with any towel in my shop or personalize further with a name, date, or special event.  It's like a card they will keep and use over and over again!  This comes completely nestled in a gift fashion so the recipient can have a little fun exploring all the accessories!  

Grill Set: This 5-piece grill set comes with four essential grilling utensils and a heat glove.

Towel:  400 gsm, waffle pattern, microfiber towel will prove to have amazing absorbency and great drying power.  It will not push and move the hidden uglies in the house, it will trap them in the texture and leave nothing but a dry shine behind.  16" x 24" makes this a perfect kitchen or bathroom size.The image is permanently embedded in the fabric.  It won't peel or lift like a decal.  Wash/dry with your normal laundry.  Bleach not recommended.

Spices and BBQ Sauce:  This combination is perfect for any grilling situation or kitchen meal.  Both items are craft inventions by small companies that have made their place on the map.  Now you can bring them to your patio.  You will get a craft bottle of BBQ sauce and two canisters of flavor bursting spices.  They include a Chuck's Original Dust that is a great all purpose spice and Montreal Steak Seasoning, complete with all the flavor!  The spice jars have magnetic bottoms for easy access.  

Hot Pad/Glove:  To make sure you are never without heat protection, the set comes with a hot pad and oven glove complete with the grill insignia to memorialize this gift box long after the spices have been used!