Flowering Cactus Collection. (Pink Tone)

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For those without a green thumb and in a dessert climate alike, this Castus Collection will complete you!  If you have a green thumb like me, cactus are the only thing you can grow, so these little flowering gems have a special place in my heart.

You will love the thickness and the amazing absorbency as you are completing whatever tasks this towel is put up to. 

Have a cactus themed bathroom?  Once again, this will dry many hands.

Unlike the cotton cousin, the waffle pattern, microfiber will trap the little uglies you are trying to rid when you do your household chores.  Not using it to dust or clean counters, it will hold 7 times its weight in moisture, so it will dry dishes over and over again, without moving the water around.  

These towels will dry like a cactus survives, and you will love it!

400 gsm, waffle pattern, microfiber material

wash/dry with normal laundry, bleach not recommended

The image is permanently embedded, it won't peel, lift, or disintegrate with laundering.