Summer Cocktails...Mojitos...Bloody Marys - Housewarming, Fathers Day, Just we really need a reason

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Happy Hour...It's Mojitos or Bloody Marys on the Patio!  Plus, one or two towels of YOUR choice.  Shop my store and indicate your towel selection at checkout.

If you are looking for an unforgettable novelty gift that will be used for years to come...this is the one!

The Rokz Mojito and Bloody Mary Mix will long be gone when the recipient of this gift set continues to enjoy the benefits!  Step one, add the Rum or Vodka to the Rokz mix, let it steep as recommended, and then add a few simple ingredients to make multiple Mojitos or Bloody Marys on the patio.  Your guests will love the novelty of making Mojitos with a few simple steps.

Then well after the cocktails have been drank, you will still have the amazing towel(s)! These 400 gsm microfiber cloths will make cleaning easier and faster.  What ever your household chore consists of, consider it done faster, better, and easier with these fine cloths.  They hold 7 times their weight in moisture, are soft to the touch, yet give amazing scrubbing capabilities.  You will not be disappointed!

The image is permanently embedded in the fabric, so it will withstand the washing and drying cycle right along with your normal laundry.  Bleach is tolerated, but not recommended for longevity.

Caution before you will become a "towel snob" after you have tried these amazingly absorbent and soft towels.  There is no job they can't do with perfection.  Unlike their cotton cousin, they will not push the household uglies...they will collect them in the waffle pattern texture.

Contains (depending on your selection):

1 (or two)- 16" x 24" Hand Towel

2 - Rokz Drink Mix....Mojito and Bloody Mary Mix....which one you will drink first is up to you.  They both make amazingly awesome drinks, and plenty of them!

It is shipped all boxed up so it is ready for any giving occasion!

This can be personalized.  Consider the towel a card that will be used time and time again....personalize it with a name, date, event.  Indicate your personalization at checkout or contact me through email. 

Please be sure to leave a means of contact at checkout if there are personalizations or questions so I can reach out for clarification if needed.  Your satisfaction is my priority!