2-Faced Throw Pillows

 2-Faced Throw Pillows 

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What is a 2-faced pillow?  It is what makes my pillows stand out.  There is a special sentiment on each side.  When you get tired of one saying, just flip your pillow for something new.  It is like buying two pillows for the price of one. 

These make a great addition to any home and a gift that will bring joy and happiness over and over.

The pillows are in faux burlap and linen, depending on the size.  I currently have 16 x 16 and 18 x 18 pillows.  The insert is not included unless you purchase the throw pillow cover and the insert.

The insert is an indoor/outdoor pillow.  Do you need an insert?  Make sure to order one.  The throw cover is sold without the insert.

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